Ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid
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A Unique Non-Surgical Eyelid Treatment 

If your eyelids look ‘tired’ or ‘sleepy’ you may have a condition called Acquired Blepharoptosis (also referred to as acquired ptosis or low lying eyelids).  Upneeq is an FDA approved,  once daily eye drop that provides a non-surgical solution to help raise the upper eyelids for better appearance and improved overall vision. 

One drop of Upneeq daily can help raise the eyelids, giving you a more open eye with a better visual field and a less ‘tired’ look. The unique formulation of Upneeq, when prescribed properly, can drastically improve your eye aesthetics and overall vision by increasing your upper visual field if your eyelids are covering the superior section of your pupils.

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