Myopia Control

Mirthful teenager wearing glasses lying on the bed
We pride ourselves in using the latest techniques in vision care.

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, happens when a  child’s distance vision begins to blur because their eyeball anatomy is becoming longer as they grow.

Studies are showing a dramatic recent rise in the number of children with myopia. This rise is due to two main factors.  There is a genetic correlation between myopia and having one or two parents with nearsightedness. If both parents are myopic and need glasses to see at distance, the child risk for developing myopia as a child is dramatically increased.

Another major factor that studies are showing to be correlated strongly with incidence of myopia is lifestyle. Spending more time on near devices and with reading tasks instead of outdoor activities has been strongly linked in the current childhood myopia surge. 

Myopia management programs  have been proven to correct distance vision immediately, slow the progression of myopia during the growing years and work very well with active kids’ lifestyles. 

The treatments and visual options, including the MiSight daily disposable soft contact lens, is very well studied and well tolerated in children. Dr. Morgan and Dr.S are both caring and fully certified MiSIght Brilliant Futures providers and can help develop a myopia treatment plan to protect your child from worsening myopia and the health risks, such as retinal detachments and increased risk of glaucoma, that can present in adults that have higher  amounts of  myopia.

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