Innovative technology

Unsurpassed Patient Care

Our patients deserve the best care available using the latest techniques. To achieve this, we ensure we use the latest available technology to treat our patients. Our efforts don’t end there. We stay abreast of the latest methods of treatment and patient engagement. To this end, we improve your experience not just with better techniques and technology but by providing better patient-doctor relationships.

Optomap Retinal Imaging

All comprehensive spectacle or contact lens examinations performed by our doctors require a thorough assessment of your retinal health. This is best assured by using advanced imaging technology and dilation.
The Optomap Retinal Imaging System is ideal to quickly and non-invasively assess and monitor your internal eye health over many years for the many asymptomatic eye and systemic diseases that can be vision or even life threatening

eye temperature meter on kid

“No Puff” Eye Exam

Yes, really. Our eye exams use the ICare tonometer as a non invasive, easy, no anesthesia and no “puff” way to safely and effectively obtain accurate readings of the internal eye pressure. This is a critical part of a comprehensive exam. The Icare is very accurate, causes no discomfort and takes only a few seconds to perform on patients of all ages. Easy, not breezy.

Specialty Contact Lens Fitting

EyeQ Vision doctors only fit the highest quality contact lens materials. Whether the needs are clearer reading for a bifocal user, a comfortable contact lens fit for a dry eye patient, or fitting contact lenses for high amounts of astigmatism, the exam is individually tailored.

Female Face With Applying Contact Lens On Her Brown Eyes.